The data contained within this wiki represents general information available to all with even a basic level of education. Updates will be added as you gather information within the continent of Temdra.


The United Provinces of Temdra are in an unprecedented era of peace. It is the most advanced and prosperous nation in the world, at least that’s what most of its citizens would tell you. You will be entering into an era where the high fantasy country of magic, dragons and elves is just, only just, beginning to enter an industrial revolution of sorts. Many attribute this to the large population of both Gnomes (prolific inventors) and humans (always living too fast for their own good according to the longer lives races) that inhabit the continent.

The United Provinces is made up, principally, of two great nations, separated by the great Frosted Ridge Mountain Range that runs horizontally along the continental landmass. Throughout most of history the two nations traded, almost exclusively by sea, but had very little to do with one another, both prosperous in their own right. The logistics of going to war with each other were simply not feasible, so trade was deemed by both sides to be the best way of interacting. Then, about 150 years ago the two nations cooperated on what would be known as the greatest undertaking of mortal kind. A tunnel would be built, a tunnel devised by the greatest gnome engineer who ever lived and a wizard of unparalleled power. This tunnel would bore through over 100 miles of, until then, impenetrable granite, connecting the two nations and allowing unprecedented trading between the two.

Then the Great War broke out. Seeing the two nations of Tundra and Temperate (they were named in a simpler time) prospering so from their mutual cooperation brought what success always brings- jealousy. A war was, in hind-sight, inevitable, a war that would rage for almost a decade. The nations that would go on to form the United Provinces eventually won by amassing huge armies of sentient constructs, huge metal men capable of independent thought and advanced battle tactics. When the Treaty of Thandona was signed the two nations were declared as one, the army of constructs was set free and declared people and the creation of any more of their kind was outlawed.

Just over a century later, six months before our intrepid heroes begin their adventure, Temdra AC, the capital city of the now united continent, built its first coal powered factory, a truly momentous and historic event. How will technology affect the status-quo that has existed for so many centuries, is there more to this peaceful continent than meets the eye and why do these summaries always have to end in questions?

A Song of Ice and mostly Temperate Climates