Brown and Co

Brown and Co. is the largest, and indeed probably only industrial firm in all of Temdra. It is owned by the eccentric Emmett Brown, a gnome who currently call the nations capital his home. They own the only coal powered factory in the known world and are responsible for maintaining and expanding the Joining Line railway.


The Brown and Co. construction company was set up 150 years ago by Percival Brown in his workshops, then situated in Heavy Metal Bay.

The primary purpose of his newly founded company was to find a use for a new form of iron alloy he had created, steel. Initially, he planned to use this new, strong material to build cannons, hoping to replace the delicate copper prototypes he had developed 25 years earlier. Unfortunately, like most things he seemed to invent there was very little demand for this new tool of destruction. The inconvenience of carrying around a large piece of metal, along with gunpowder and ammunition was far outweighed by the presence of a few highly trained battlemages, which come without the need for a crew or the risk of dangerous misfires.

The Great Idea

It would be almost two decades before he met the man whom he would eventually go on to cooperate so closely with. No one is entirely sure how it was that Percival Brown met a Templemount wizard, but the fact remains that he did. They became close friends quickly and began working on a joint project, highly secret, but, they promised, was something that would change the world. The fruits of their labours was a railway system. A huge metal carriage that would be powered by highly compressed steam that could be forced through small pipes to produce motion.

Seeing the obvious benefit to such a device, the nations of Tundra and Temperate immediately financed a huge, joint project, which culminated in the creation of the Joining Line.

As time past the rail network became ever more prosperous and Brown spent most of his days devising plans to improve efficiency and capacity of his service.

Troubling Times

When the Great War broke out both Brown and his workshops were the first to be targeted by enemy insurgents. The death of Percival and the utter decimation of his facilities also marked the loss of the exact recipe for making the Prime Steel used in rail network construction. As a result, progress stagnated.


It would not be until 50 years after the end of the Great War that Emmett Brown, Percival’s son, working in his lab in Temdra A.C. would rediscover his father’s legacy and begin the much needed revamping of the countries century old rail system. Up until now work has been progressing slowly, with parts being machined and finished by hand.


Six months ago the Brown and Co. Processing Plant was opened and has been busy producing and stockpiling new parts ready to be shipped out and assembled, allowing, eventually the entire continent to be connected to the great railway system.

Brown and Co

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