Dark Mountains

The Dark Mountains is the name of the huge, impenetrable mountain range that marks the Eastern border of the United Provinces of Temdra.


With the summit line reaching over 40 000 feet in places and never dropping below 30 000 feet along the entire 840 mile range it is one of the largest single geological features in the world.

Unusual Properties

In addition to the severe cold and thin air that mark extreme elevations everywhere, the range has some other unusual attributes. The entire ridge lies within, or is perhaps responsible for, a null magic zone. Spells barely function within its boundaries and those that do behave erratically yield unpredictable results.


Over the centuries there have been many who have attempted to penetrate the range to determine what lies on its far side.

Magical Ascents

Ascent using magic is nigh impossible due to the null magic field that encompasses the range. Those that have attempted to fly over the range using spells or magic items have never been heard from again.

Mundane Ascents

Few have been foolhardy enough to attempt traversing the mountains with mundane equipment alone, and those that do rarely return. The closest anyone has every gotten to the top of the range however was achieved using standard, non-magical tools and equipment. The only two survivors of this expedition, Edward Frillary and his Sherpa, Benzine were forced to abandon their approach seven eighths of the way up after the sixth member of their eight man expedition succumbed to the cold and died. Frillary’s experience can be read about in his book chronicling the attempt entitled To Live and Die on the Dark Peaks.

The Other Side

Dark Mountains

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