Frosted Ridge Mountain Range

The Frosted Ridge Mountain Range is a huge geological feature that stretches from the Nortic Sea on the east coast of the Temdran continent to the impenetrable Dark Mountains that mark its western border.


The Frosted Ridge Mountain Range ranges from 30 miles wide at its narrowest point to almost 100 at its widest. Stretching almost 400 miles cross-country it is the second largest mountain range in the known world, beaten only by the Dark Mountains that run perpendicular to its western end.

Division of a People

Before the Unity Tunnel was built and the Joining Line allowed the ease of transport of both people and goods between either side of the mountains, they acted as a natural, impassable barrier between the two. The tunnels construction is widely attributed as the single most important step towards the unification of the individual countries of Tundra and Temperate into a single united state.

Frosted Ridge Mountain Range

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