Glass Fields

Heavy Metal Bay

Originally called Heavy Metal Bay, this region of Temperate was rich in the metals from which its name was derived. Along with access to the coast it was an ideal location for construction plants to be built.

Brought up almost two centuries ago by Brown and Co industries it was the primary site for the construction of the constituent parts that made up the Joining Line and the locomotives that ran on it. As well as many new experimental technologies.


Seeing the obvious strategic advantage of cutting the support such a place would bring the countries of Tundra and Temperate, the Mysterons made it one of their first targets in the surprise attack that marked the beginning of the Great War.

The complete lack of survivors from this attack meant that the exact details of the assault are, even to this day, unknown. It is said that the battle, or at least its by products could be seen and heard from many miles away. When the smoke cleared and the Temdran Alliance had a chance to inspect the damage it was obvious that whatever had been used here was of unparalleled destructive force.

Glass Fields

To this day, the entire area is highly dangerous to enter. What was once a huge area of industrial activity has been reduced to a lifeless wasteland inhabited only by the rusting husks of once great machines and warehouses. The golden sand that used to cover the land there is now scorched black and contains large chunks of odd glass mixed into it, a by-product of whatever wrought the area’s destruction most likely.

The entire region is uninhabitable, no crops will grow and anyone who spends an extended amount of time there soon succumbs to a strange sickness that more often than not leads to their death. It is the refuge of criminals with literally no place else to go and the occasional treasure hunter, looking for lost technology in the hope it will bring them their fortune.

Glass Fields

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