Great War

The Great War is the collective name for a group of battles and skirmishes between the Temdran Alliance and the Mysterons. It lasted nine 9 years.


The beginning of the Great War was marked by a massive sneak attack by Mysteron forces on key industrial and political sites in both Tundra and Temperate. These sites included Temborough, the capital of Temperate, Icecap, the capital of Tundra and Heavy Metal Bay, a stretch of land dedicated entirely to engineering and mechanical construction.


After the initial attack by Mysteron forces, nationwide conscription was declared in both Tundra and Temperate, along with the commandeering of all ocean worthy vessels for military use. The Temdra Alliance was formed and the countries began planning coordinated retaliation. What followed was a massive counter-attack from the Alliance that drove Mysteron forces from the Temdran continent.


Although conscription had been a useful tool to quickly build up an army, most of the soldiers were untrained in the art of war, as such an impasse was reached. Whilst Mysteron forces could no longer threaten Tundra or Temperate lands, neither could they be persuaded to abandon their plans. This resulted in a huge standing army that needed to be maintained by the Temdran Alliance in order to ensure that enemy forces could not break through their lines. Something had to be done.

The Forging of Heroes

It was after almost four years of this stalemate that the Warforged were conceived. Their large scale production was put into immediate effect and within 18 months an army of thousands had been assembled, programmed and armed, ready to march.

Turning Point

With the huge army of sentient constructs on their side the Temdran Alliance made a final push into enemy lands, brining a brutal war to an enemy that seemed so eager to wage it in the first place. The death toll of this battle is difficult to calculate for either side, but conservative estimates place it in the tens of thousands, with some speculating that perhaps hundreds could have fallen. What makes it difficult to pinpoint exactly is that most deaths were felt by the Mysterons, a mysterious enemy with seemingly limitless cannon fodder to throw against the mechanical advance of the Warforged.


Although this battle lasted less than a fortnight and claimed many casualties on both sides the War was far from over. The Mysterons refused the numerous offers of peace put forward by the Temdran Alliance and what followed was a further two years of small battles and skirmishes with guerilla fighters and insurgent groups.


For main article see Treaty of Thandona

The signing of the Treaty of Thandona marked the end of the war and the freeing of the Warforged. Apart from the odd militant group it appears to have been respected by both sides and peace continues to this day.

Great War

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