Joining Line

The Joining Line rail network is a train service that carries both goods and passengers through the Frosted Ridge Mountain Range via the Unity Tunnel.

It was the catalyst for a much closer relationship between the two nations of Tundra and Temperate which eventually led to their unification after the end of the Great War.


The line consists of three distinct sections:

1 The Unity Tunnel: The tunnel section is the largest and most well developed. It consists of six goods lines and two passenger lines running from Apollo on the southern side to its twin town Artemis on the north.

2 The Southern Line: This line runs from Apollo to the capital city of Temdra AC and consists of two goods lines and two passenger lines.

3 The Northern Line: Running from Artemis to Icecap, consisting of two goods lines and a passenger line.

Humble Beginnings

The Joining Line, along with the Unity Tunnel, was, at its inception, one of the most ambitious undertakings of the mortal races.

Initially built with trading almost exclusively in mind, its rate of growth surprised even its creators wildest expectations.

The first phase of its construction consisted of hollowing out the sixty mile or so stretch of mountain through which the line would eventually run. This was done using highly trained mages in combination with huge drill-like devices constructed of Brown’s new Prime Steel, with the whole project supervised by dwarven mining liaisons.

Once this first phase was completed, the laying of the tracks could begin. Hundreds of men and gnomes spent their time in the factories of Heavy Metal Bay crafting each track by hand, following strict guidelines of purity and consistency set out in Brown’s instructions.

The final part of the project saw a huge steam engine, run using water boiled by the presence of bound fire elementals, used to travel back and forth along the track. What started as a single trade line soon grew, seeing five more goods lines put in as well as two passenger lines.

At this stage the rail road still only connected the two towns either side of the mountain range, Apollo and Artemis. It was in the few years leading up to the Great War that saw the lines extended to both Temborough and Icecap the two nations capitals on either side of the range.

Trouble Ahead

The outbreak of the war saw the destruction of most of the knowledge required to build, or even maintain the lines however, and so it was for almost half a century that the entire line saw little to no servicing or repairs. The rediscovery of the Prime Steel recipe by Emmett Brown however saw a massive overhaul of the entire network.


Now that the Brown and Co Processing Plant is up and running, old plans for massive extensions of the network have resurfaced and line extensions are being widely considered.

Joining Line

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