Life Forge

The Life Forges are two sites that used to house factories that were responsible for building the Warforged race.
  1. Site 1 is located roughly one hundred miles north of Icecap, on the shores of the Northern Nortic Sea.
  2. Site 2 is located around 100 miles south of Temdra AC on the borders of the Jungles of Lustrous.


The Life Forges, then known as Sentient Construct Fabrication Facilities were all built between the period of the last 5 years of the Great War, between 5BU and 0AU. Their purpose was to quickly and efficiently build an army of Warforged soldiers that could be used to end the stale mate between the Temdran Alliance and Mysteron forces.

They accomplished this goal with incredible speed, building an army several thousand strong in less that 24 months.

Treaty of Thandona

The Treaty of Thandona contained many references to the Sentient Construct Fabrication Facilities within its several thousand pages of new laws, but the most pertinent one was their decommission. All life forges were to be shut down, dismantled and completely levelled. This would ensure that no-one would be tempted to break the non-creation of Warforged agreement. It was not until a year after the Treaty was signed that it was discovered that many of the returning Warforged considered their places of birth to be sacred. By this point, all but two of the Facilities had been completely eradicated and those two that did remain were little more than stripped down husks. In a bid to appease the war heroes, legislation was rushed through the United Provinces High Council that declared the remaining two Life Forges, as the Warforged had come to call them, as national heritage sites, ensuring they would not be further damaged and would allow any who wish to visit.

Along with the physical destruction of the Facilities that spawned the Warforged, the complete eradication of all knowledge pertinent to their creation was also ordered erased. This would ensure that no more of their kind could be made and the Treaty would be upheld.


Many Warforged, at some point in their life make a pilgrimage of sorts to one of the remaining sites where a Life Forge was once situated. These metallic beings are not generally prone to introspection or musing on the nature of existence, but almost all of them have a need to visit these locations at least once in their lives.

Life Forge

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