Treaty of Thandona

The Treaty of Thadona, name for the location of its signing, was responsible for several major changes in the political landscape of half a hemisphere.

The End of the War

The signing of the Treaty of Thandona marked the end of hostilities between the Temdran Alliance and the Mysterons. Its major purpose however was to place several crippling sanctions on the Mysteron government and economy in the hope that they will never again be powerful enough to initiate hostilities with anyone.


Large sections of the Treaty dealt specifically with the Warforged and what exactly should be done now the war was over. The first thing was to make the production of any further of their kind illegal for an indefinite amount of time. This had partly to do with the fear of an uprising by any large group of them that could potentially be constructed, but the real reason was the morally grey area that the building of sentient beings skirted.

In addition to the banning of their construction, all Life Forges, the sites at which they were built were ordered shut down, decommissioned and dismantled.

Finally, in recognition of the major part the Warforged played in the Great War, those that returned were given their freedom and now had all the same rights as biological people.


Perhaps the most important aspect of the Treaty was the unification of Tundra and Temperate into one nation. The Alliance during the war proved to be mutually beneficial to both sides and so once the War was over they were joined into the one nation of The United Provinces of Temdra. Temborough was renamed Temdra AC and the seat of government for the unified nation was set up there.

Treaty of Thandona

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