United Provinces of Temdra

The United Provinces of Tendra is the official name for the country made up of the two nations of Tundra and Temperate.


The region the United Provinces encompasses covers approximately 270,000 square miles, stretching from the Nortic Sea on its west coast to the Dark Mountains on its Eastern border. North-south it runs from the Arctic Ice at its most northerly point to the Jungles of Lustrous at its most southerly. Technically the UP also covers the Red Sand Desert that lies south of Lustrous. However the almost impenetrable jungle, combined with the dangerous ocean conditions on the southern coast line ensure that no one who has left to explore this final frontier in the last 10 decades has returned to tell the tale.

Before the Joining Line

Before the Joining Line the nations were separated by impenetrable mountains known as the Frosted Ridge Mountain Range. Whilst both countries were aware of each other their contact with one another was limited. Any travel between the two had to be done entirely by sea, with unusual currents in that region making ocean voyages treacherous. As a result, whilst they knew of each others existence, they kept mainly to themselves.

The Time of Trade

After the Joining Line was completed the nations now possessed an unprecendented way to trade with one another. This ushered in a golden age for both nations, allowing exchange of exotic goods, language, culture, ideas and people. In fact, a testament to the extent with which each country embraced its newly found brother is the fact that the two distinct languages of the two nations (both based originally on draconic) merged into a single continental trade language within a single human generation.

The Great War

The great prosperity of the two nations inevitably drew the attentions of other countries located on distant continents. Instead of approaching the two nations with offers of trade they attacked.

The initial assault devastated the completely unprepared Heavy Metal Bay steel factories and other coastal settlements, including both capitals. Industrially crippled by the attack the nations formed an Alliance and combined their military forces into one single cohesive unit. Continent wide conscription was implemented and every ocean worthy vessel was commandeered for use by the armed forces. The nations took the fight to the enemy. Whilst this counter attack was effective, with the enemy supply lines cut and reinforcements unable to get through it led to a stalemate. The enemy could no longer attack Tundra or Temperate, but, in turn, the two nations lacked the manpower for a single decisive push to break the enemy lines.

It was at this point that the Warforged were conceived. Their commission allowed the united armies to grow by almost 50% within 18 months, giving them enough numbers for a strike on the enemies heartlands. This proved to be the turning point within the war. The enemy homeland was decimated, its moral broken. The Treaty of Thandona was signed and the war ended with the two allied nations becoming one.


With the horror of war over a century behind it, The United Provinces of Tendra are once again in a time of peace and prosperity. Settlements have been rebuilt and the people are closer than ever. The opening of the Brown and Co Processing Plant represents a major milestone in he continents history. With it the people have hope of a truly united continent where any given town is but a few hours train ride away. Now the only question that remains is where does Temdra go from here?

United Provinces of Temdra

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