Unity Tunnel

The Unity Tunnel is the name of the Tunnel Section of the Joining Line that runs through the Frosted Ridge Mountain Range. Its excavation was the biggest and most ambitious project ever undertaken by mortal kind.


In building the tunnel, the first major hurdle was to decide the location to begin its excavation. The obvious choice was at one of the range’s narrowest points, where the width of the mountains drops to a little over 30 miles at two locations. However, poor soil conditions, combined with limited accessibility soon ruled out both of these potential choices.

Instead, a site situated at approximately the midpoint of the range was chosen. At a little over 60 miles wide, the tunnel excavation would be a major undertaking, favourable rock composition combined with ease of access however meant that diggers could work with speed and efficiency.

The exact method used in digging through the mountain are not privy to public examination, leading professors in the Architecture and Engineering department within the Univeristy of Temdra however have put forward many hypotheses over the years. There are few facts known for sure about the project, however, what is know is listed below:

  1. Dwarven mining specialists were hired by both countries to oversee the project.
  2. A large number of wizards were on the pay roll of Brown and Co Constructions, including one of the projects instigators, the Templemount of the time.
  3. Huge drilling machines hundreds of feet long were used for part, if not all of the digging.

Unity Tunnel

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