Warforged are a race of sentient constructs that inhabit the United Provinces of Temdra. They are the result of experimental magic and engineering techniques.


In the beginning there was man and gnome and wizard and engineer.

It was a time of great strife, the countries of Tundra and Temperate were locked into a bitter war they could neither win nor lose, with their army locked in a stalemate with the opposing side a radical solution was needed to swing the balance in their favour.

Constructs were, obviously, being used in the war at this point, but the strength that came from being able to blindly follow orders without question was also one of their greatest weaknesses. The constructs lack of independent thought meant that apart from brute force, they were far inferior to a thinking, reasoning mortal soldier. How exactly the idea for a sentient construct came about will likely never be known, nor, most likely will the true inventor of them ever be discovered, none-the-less however, they were constructed.


A series of factories now known as Life Forges were constructed to allow the automated assembly of these beings, allowing an army of thousands to be assembled in record time, built to fight and nothing else. Willing to follow orders with absolute loyalty, but also possessing the ability to adapt those orders to the situation at hand.

The first generation were crude and possessed less human like instincts and more intelligent machine-like personalities. As the war continued however and the need for more sophisticated Warforged arose, the later generations were beginning to blur the line between mortal and machine. Whilst still looking like large metal men, they developed incredibly advanced personalities.

Role in the Great War

Once a suitably large army of these beings had been built they were equipped with the finest weaponry of the day and sent to fight. And fight they did. The crashing of the Warforged regiments into the enemy lines was said to be almost immediately devastating, for both sides. It is said that there still exists battle sites were entire fields are filled with the bodies of the artificial lifeforms. The local inhabitants too superstitious to approach them, the government of Temdra unwilling to retrieve them. If it wasn’t for the splinter and guerilla groups the enemy was able to form the war would have been over within a fortnight of the initial push. Instead, what followed was almost two years of skirmishes and small scale conflicts, in the end however the Warforged proved too much for the enemy and they were forced to surrender.

The Treaty of Thandona

The signing of the Treaty of Thandona marked a major point in the history of the Warforged. Many of its sections were dedicated entirely to them, giving them the rights of any other mortal and officially declaring them as people and not machines or constructs.

Another part of the treaty however also banned the construction of any more and the decommissioning of the Life Forges.


Today, the Warforged are attempting to find their way in society. They have had almost a year to settle in, their truly alien nature however means that many have still not found a place for themselves within society and are little more than wanderers looking for answers.


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